Saturday, June 28, 2008

Sentry Safes lost keys and combination FAQ

I have noticed many questions concerning sentry safes lost keys and combinations i will try to answer some here

hi, I have an old Sentry 1250 that's been lost for year's, and I've just found it now.I forget the combination and I would realy like to get into it. Serial # 2 314273...
My company has a Sentry Supreme Model 5330. I believe the serial number is 1753756. We moved in to a new building in 1999 and no one can find the combination.We want to get rid of it but we dont know if there is anything inside of it.
go to
for combo research

The handle has broken from my Sentry Model 1250. Are replacemant parts available? If so, how hard is it to replace?

handles are not availble from sentry this is an older model and could not still be under waranty. Scrape it or it might make a great boat anchor.

I lost my keys to my Sentry Safety Box. Model 1100, Lock number 3A2. Would you be able to send me a replacement key? I'll pay whatever the charge. Thank you.
lost key to my new safe, need new one

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to order keys

My father left me a Sentry 1250 Safe , he also left the combo number . But did not leave me the rotation patten. My Cannon safe is 4 right 3left 2 right stop on last number.Can you help.

Turn the dial to the left (counterclockwise) three times to the first number of the combination (pass the first number of your combination two times, stopping on it the third time). Turn the dial to the right (clockwise) two times to the second number of the combination (pass your second number once, stopping on it the second time). Turn the dial to the left to the last number (stop the first time on your last number). Pull the handle down; cracking sentry safe open.
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